Wii Party U TV Party Showcase – Teammate Madness/Team Building (Master Difficulty)

This is me, playing Teammate Madness (or Team Building depending on which country you live in) against three CPU Mii’s on Master Difficulty.
I think the problem with this one (and the majority of TV Party games) is it has too much of a luck-based playing field. No matter how good I am at the mini-games, I tend to end up with a crappy pool of Mii’s to choose from. And if there is a pool of Mii’s that can get the maximum points, I always end up playing mini-games that give you next-to-no chance of winning (Sitting Pretty being the worst-case scenario).
Had no real problems with this game though, but this whole luck-based playing field thing really annoys me.
Recorded with Avermedia Game Capture HD II @1080p

source: https://akbarmontada.com

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