Thu hoạch trái bơ- Avacado Harvesting and Processing

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The price of fresh produce is determined by a number of factors with weather and availability being just a couple. Then there are fruits like these avocados, which pound for pound are more expensive than other produce. This is because there are often so few harvested that the price is high. After all, it takes 18 months to bring avocados like these to market. At the Fairview Road Ranch in Soledad California, Kirk Williams and his family grow about 100 acres. Kirk Williams, Avocado Grower, Soledad California: With avocados starting out in the spring there is always a crop on the tree. There is a bloom that takes place in about March or April of the year and that is the crop that you are trying to keep the pests away from going through the summer. And you have also got to get through the winter up to the following September or October when you actually harvest them. Everybody wants a ripe avocado for tonight and I wish there was a way to maximize that possibility because we handle them all and they are rock hard. Getting them to the consumer when they are ready for tonight’s meal is a real challenge. There is really no substitute for delicious avocados like these after maturing slowly on the tree for so long it’s no wonder that they are such a delicacy.
Avocado farming, Avocado cultivation The avocado is a tree, long thought to have originated in South Central Mexico, classified as a member of the flowering plant family Lauraceae. The fruit of the plant, also called an avocado (or avocado pear or alligator pear), is botanically a large berry containing a single large seed.
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