Team Building: Utterly Useless! Or not?

5 Truths And 6 Misconceptions About Team Building: What Many Managers Get Wrong About Team Outings
0:36 Two examples of extreme team building
2:24 Normal, stereotypical team building activities
4:44 Why many believe team building games improve productivity
5:27 What does empirical research say
13:03 Definitions of team building (re)visited
14:20 Common misconceptions about team building (6 of them)
When we Google “team building activities”, we see all outdoor (and some indoor) games. But are they really team building interventions by definition? Does making your employees play these games once or twice per year really lead to improvement in their work performance and productivity? What does empirical research published in peer reviewed scientific journals say about the effectiveness of team building activities? What are the most common misconceptions that managers hold regarding team building and team building effectiveness? This video discusses all these questions.
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