Team Building Minute to Win It Event for Corporate Groups

The team building Minute 2 Win It! is a fast-paced, high-energy set of tabletop games and activities for corporate groups, either as a stand-alone event or incorporated into a company meeting or social gathering in any indoor setting.
Your group will be sorted into sub-teams and sent to activity stations to complete hilarious challenges like pencil tossing and catching, cup stacking and a race to put shuffled playing cards back in order. The competition will heat up as teams engage to improve their scores.
The event concludes with an awards ceremony announcing the winners of each individual challenge – and the gold medal presentation to the overall Minute to Win It! Champions.
Event Details:
Group Size: 30 to 1,000+
Sub-Team Size: 8 to 10
Program Length: 2 hours
Space Requirement: 25 sq. ft. per person
Setting: Indoor
Physicality: Low
To learn more about A Minute 2 Win It! or to request a quote for your group:
Call: 800.849.TEAM (8326)


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