Team Building Games – Stereotypical Thinking #10

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In this one of our team building games in which the team will put each other in categories. This way the team will get to know how they perceive one another in a light-hearted manner.
Everyone will get a turn to divide the team into different categories. The one who comes up with a categorie or subject points to someone else who will come up with 3 subcategories that the team will be divided in to. This also means you can give other participants a tough time coming up with subcategories with themes like: ‘secret fantasies’ or ‘types of catfish’.
The person naming the subcategories has to come at least with 3 suggestions or more depending on the group size.
When the team has been distributed over the subcategories everyone is free to move to another one if that’s what they prefer to identify themselves with. This way the person that divided the group can see how accurate his stereotypical thinking was. This is a great way for the whole team to get to know each other because everyone can see clearly where people stand and if they change their subcategorie or not. After one round the last one who put people into subcategories can point to someone else who will come up with a new categorie.
During the exercise you can use a couple of methods to give more depth and variety. A few examples on how to achieve this are listed below.
Vary sensitive with lighthearted topics
When the exercise loses a bit too much of its seriousness tell the next person that has to come up with more deep (sub)categories. For example: “communication preferences” or “ways to tell something is on your mind”.
Extra round
Before someone divides the team into subcategories the team can first stand where they think the person will put them. After this the one dividing will put them where he thinks they should be instead of where they are already standing.
When the exercise gets a bit stale because the input of the group is too repetitive or flat out boring you can chime in and come up with interesting and more relevent topics to get the team back on track. Make sure to switch light-hearded with the more sensitive topics and show the team that both ends of the spectrum are relevant to the outcome of the exercise.
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