Team Building for Large Groups – Rock, Paper, Scissors #112

During this team building for large groups the team walks around the room and will play the game rock, paper, scissors.
Everyone finds himself a partner. Each duo faces each other and make fists with their hands, shake their hands three and during the third time they choose to make a close fist. An open hand. Or two fingers.
A paper wins from a rock. A rock wins from scissors and scissors win from a paper. 
The winner puts one arm up and looks for another person with one arm up to play with. The people who just lost do the same.
The persons that win for the second time now hold up two arms.
If someone who had one arm up loses he puts his arm back down again.
Each person now searches for a similar person again and plays the game.
The first person with two arms up who wins a game. is the winner of the exercise
During the exercise the trainer can apply variations to the exercise:
If someone can’t find a partner with the same arms up, he can just wait until someone becomes available.
The one who wins can sit down, the second one who wins sits down also, just as long there are three persons left. Someone with no arm up, someone with one arm up and someone with two arms up.
Next to putting one or two arms up you can also let them do other things if they won a game. For example, if someone wins he acts like a bird by putting his arms up and down. And if he wins the second time he hops around as a bunny. You can think of everything as long as people can recognise it so they can find a similar person to play with.
Do you know a good variation? Type it below this video as a comment.


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