Team Building Activities for Teens – Great Ice Breaker Games for Large Groups

Music: We are Young- FUN
This activity is a strong team building game, where all players practice cooperation, leadership and teamwork. And because this is a MUVE dancing game ( it welcomes all participants to creatively express themselves through movement.
We call this game- ‘Pods and Pearls” and it’s being played on a TRIANGLE Grid. We are also using the Opposite-Muve Concept Cards, to give each team dancing inspiration.
It begins as an Independent Triangle game. Players rotate within their Individual Triangles to the Muse-spots to lead two fellow dancers. “Huli-Huli’, the call for a triangle rotation moves players one position clockwise within the individual triangles. This way, everyone in the Pod has a turn to inspire others and try out new moves from team mates. When the Caller says ‘Move’, each team becomes a string of pearls and holds hands, rotating to a neighboring triangle. Each team begins again with the same teammates, inspired by a new set of Opposite- MUVE Concept Cards.
Everyone is free to follow or do their own moves, or any mixture of the two. We are learning to move as a whole group as well as moving together in teams of 3 dancers. Navigating throughout the whole room is exciting and challenging.
There are many ways you can move at home, at school, church or wherever people get together for community fun. We MUVE for physical exercise and emotional joy. With MUVE all ages can dance together. Check out the website for all sorts of movement and dancing inspiration for teachers, students, teens, adults and seniors – in short for EVERYONE!


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