Project Management: Tips for Project Success Part 3 Effective Team Building – A PSP Forum

Track 1: Project Management Session 9: Tips for Project Success Part 3 – Effective Team Building
Part 3 of a 3 part Series
Speakers: Marie McIntyre, Xerox State Healthcare, Paul Abrams, Xerox State Healthcare, Jenny Clark, Xerox State Healthcare
This two hour session focuses on the importance of Governance, Leveraging Project Resources, Effective Team Building and Lessons Learned as tips for successful projects. The session includes both instructional material and workshop exercises.
1. Governance – 40 Mins, includes a group exercise
This segment focuses on the importance and benefits of:
* Delineating authority for decision-making in a project
* Defining a path for escalation to decision-making authorities
* Defining roles and responsibilities
* Establishing a decision model
2. Leveraging Project Resources – 20 Mins, includes Library of Resources
This segment focuses on leveraging project resources, project management framework/standards, and a centralized library of resources. We discuss the benefits of identifying and leveraging stakeholders, business partnerships and subject matter experts (SME’s), as well as best practices.
* Project Stakeholders & Business Partners
* Industry Standards (PMBOK, CMMI, IEEE)
* Lean Six Sigma
* Library of Resources
3. Effective Team Building – 40 Mins, includes a group exercise
This segment focuses on building effective, productive relationships between client and vendor teams through review of team characteristics, and processes, and sharing best practices. We discuss the benefits of collaboration, credibility, transparency, and efficiency.
* Integrated Project Workgroups
* Co-Leaders (Customer/Vendor)
* Charter – Agreement
Intended Audience: Project and Executive Sponsors engaged in Project Governance, Project Team Members, and Project Managers
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