Pokemon Team Building | Sun & Moon | Popplio, Brionne & Primarina

Hey guys how’s it going? Supersalamence93 here bringing you another Pokemon Teambuilder. Today’s team is Gen 7! Pokemon Sun and Moon starting with Popplio. Now if you want to change a Pokemon go ahead. if you want to change a move be my guest this is your team I’m just giving you a quick run through of what I think would be good. If you enjoy the video make sure to SMASH the like button for me and SUBSCRIBE for more Pokemon Team Builders.
Pokemon Locations!
Primarina – Starter
Magnezone – Catch a Magnemite at Route 1, Hau’oli City or Malie City
Mudsdale – Catch a Mudbray on Route 4, 6, 12, Paniola Ranch, Blush Mountain
Salazzle – Catch a Salandit on Route 8, Wela Volcano Park
Lurantis – Catch a Fomantis on Route 5, Lush Jungle
Komala – Catch a Komala on Route 11
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