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Looking for an incredible team building experience with a philanthropic component? Look no further than Team Mosaic Give by Odyssey Teams, the leader in corporate team building.
Inspired by The Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit in South Africa, Team Mosaic Give is Odyssey Teams’ newest philanthropic team building experience that sends employees out of their comfort zone to create a collaborative work of art. In true Odyssey fashion, your team will also send Team Mosaic Give kits to local and global youth organizations to instill the importance of wildlife conservation on the next generation.
And, Odyssey Teams will send a charitable donation in your company’s name to the Black Mambas so they can stop more poachers from unnecessarily killing these beautiful creatures.
Get in touch with Odyssey Teams to bring Team Mosaic Give to your next corporate event or meeting!
Odyssey Teams has been designing radically different approaches to leadership development, team building and organizational culture since 1991. Our philanthropic focus means your team building activities will not only improve your team, but the world as well. This is our Odyssey.
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