Minecraft Team Build Battle – BUILDING APPLE!

Hello der my friends and welcomes to a Minecraft Team Build Battle. In this Minecraft mini-games the goal is to building the best thing that is related to the theme. If the theme is Apple then were have to see who can build the best Apple in the times limit. Joinings me for this one is the Red and together were takes the cake. Hope that your likeded this Minecraft Team Build Battle and as the always Dirts, Have the Great Day 🙂
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Hey guys, welcome back to another Minecraft video! Today ThatGuyBarney is playing Minecraft Team Build Battle with RedVacktor! Their first theme is Apple, and, unsurprisingly, they decide to build Apple. Red builds a plate for him (and proves that he should be a professional plate designer), then they begin constructing Apple himself. Red decides to give him some evil eyes made out of lava, and while Barney begins constructing a gun, Red screams about being touched by SkyDoesMinecraft. Barney doesn’t believe him until Sky comes into his office and touches his face. All over. Aggressively. After completing the gun, they quickly construct a mini Barney (with a not so mini butt) next to Apple, and the judging commences. They get second place, and Barney sets the theme to Bling. Red decides this occasion calls for a roller coaster, and takes it upon himself to construct one throughout because he’s trying to represent the definition of bling, not the object. Barney gives in and helps him build the roller coaster, but after a brief argument, Red takes on the job of building the money sign that the roller coaster will circle. They have another argument over Star Wars, then they test their track – it works, despite Red continuously going the wrong way and turning Barney around. In spite of how amazing their new blinged-out theme park is, they get eighth place. Barney chooses Pizza for the next round, and Red decides that they’ll build the pizza inside an oven. They build a rack and set a blazing fire underneath, and Barney starts building the pizza while Red finishes the oven. They top it with pepperoni, sausages, and peppers, but they forget what is, in my humble opinion, the most important part of a pizza: the sauce and the cheese. They get fourth place behind Steve Pizza, which was a pretty respectable build, and that’s it for this Minecraft Build Battle – thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!
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