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اگریہ ویڈیو آپ کو پسند آئی ہے، تو لائک اور شیئرکریں ، اورچینل کو سبکرائب کردیں۔ اور بیل کے بٹن کو دبا دیں۔
In this YouTube channel of
“Tariq I.T Academy “, Computer Education is designed to teach in Urdu.
In this you will learn computer fundamental, windows, MS Office (MS Word, MS
Excel, Power Point and Access). Its lots of knowledgeable videos which you
like. You must definitely subscribe to this channel to watch videos first.
We Build New Concepts
To Produce Awareness in Public About Information Technology
To Provide Education Online
I.T Education And Knowledge
Entertainment,Islamic Knowledge
Character Building


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