Fun Team Bonding Activity – Paper Holding

In this activity small teams work together to assist two people to hold as many sheets of paper off the floor as they can.
Brief/ Challenge Instructions
1. Ask your group to form into teams of at least three people.
2. By way of demonstration, ask two people from a team to volunteer and hold one sheet of paper between the palms of one of their hands.
3. Explain that each team is challenged to assist two of their group members to hold as many pieces of paper off the ground by using only their bodies.
4. Announce the following parameters to guide fair play:
Rules are as follows
• Only one sheet of paper can be affixed between any two body parts.
• No adhesives can be used to hold paper to one’s body.
• Each sheet of paper must be in contact with both team members.
• No two sheets of paper can be touching.
• Distribute sheets of paper to each team, and announce “GO.”
• Allow up to 10 minutes and survey the results.
Learning outcome
• Innovative challenge
• Fosters co-operation
• Inspires creativity
• Very playful & fun


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