Catalyst Global Team Building – About

Catalyst Global specialises in creating innovative team building solutions. For more than 25 years we have been developing ground breaking products. As well as uniquely creating a network of the world’s leading team building companies. We are already the largest team building network in the world and are growing rapidly. Each of our carefully selected partners have exclusive rights to deliver Catalyst team building products in their region. We protect the quality of these products by following trends in business, technology and motivational psychology to make sure they are in line with current business thinking. We protect the quality of their delivery by fully supporting our partners with conferences training, business simulations and collaboration. We are growing our network to ensure that through global collaboration and local delivery product prices remain competitive and Catalyst team building activities remain the best in the market. Our global footprint enables us to provide cost effective solutions for international companies looking for suppliers to deliver consistently from region to region. We share resources, best practice and business opportunities to create highly relevant, socially responsible, good value, entertaining experiences for our clients. Catalyst Global excellence in team building.


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