Brewer's Corner Team Build Cable – X-Force Team Pack

Welcome back to the new and improved Brewer’s Corner. We let the audience decide what we should build around and this edition has us team-building around Cable from the X-Force team pack. This request came from our Patreon member Michael Ingledue. Thanks for your support Mike and we hope we did you proud!
The build requirements are simple. The main card must be the win-con or play a significant role in the win-con, the team must be non-competitive unless otherwise stated, and the team can only use the cards in the agreed-upon format. This edition has our brewmasters Ben, Chris, and Rob building the best team within those requirements. Jo and Ryan will then choose a team and battle it out in a follow-up video dubbed Brewers’ Battles. Let us know how you would have built around these cards in the comments below.
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Chris’ Team –
Rob’s Team –
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