(Animated Short) Charlie's Teambuilding Fail

Charlie’s Teambuilding Fail – the epic story of a man, a course manual, and a bicycle.
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In a quest to “do something” about his work team, manager Crocodile Charlie books a team building program for everyone in the office. When it doesn’t go well, Charlie embarks on a quest to find out why. Did he make a mistake? Did he hire a bad consultant? Or is his team just beyond hope?
Follow Charlie’s journey into the heart of the modern workplace to find some answers. Shows like “The Office”, movies like “Office Space” and cartoons like “Dilbert” are pretty funny – but not when it’s happening to you in real life. Charlie finds a few clues for avoiding “Dilbert syndrome” and goes away enlightened – and also very clear on how NOT to build a bicycle.
Teamwork, leadership and happiness at work do not have to be a bad joke. But this little movie has a few jokes anyway.
Directed by Team Results summer intern Anastasiia Polyakov, voiced by actress Amanda Biller and animated by John Kolm.

source: https://akbarmontada.com

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