An Evening on weekend at Periodista Park in Medellin Colombia

Periodista Park, which is known as a tolerance zone in Medellín Colombia, it is a place where the nightlife in the sourrounding area has flowrished over the past few years because of the artistic downtown crowd.
An Evening on weekend at Periodista Park in Medellin Colombia
The advantage of staying in downtown Medellin is that you are close to everywhere you get good prices in most of the articles you want to buy.
Most of the touristic and popular attractions are close to downtown Medellín, Botanic Garden, Plaza Botero, Pueblito Paisa, and so on,
Periodista Park is a refuge where predominantly student youth enjoy the liberty of listen to any kind of music at any place nearby the Periodista Park.
Parque Periodista is the hangout of Medellin´s bohemian underground.
Parque Periodista can also be one of the city’s most exciting places because of the colorful variety of people that come there.
The youth who meet at the Periodista Park cannot be described. It’s an ever-changing cultural mixture of punks, hippies, rockers, junkies, rappers, drunks, gays and even the occasional transvestite, regularly joined by university professors, poets and musicians.
Parque Periodista is located in downtown Medellin, between Calle 43 Maracaibo and Carrera 53 Girardot.
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