Amazing Team Building with Music

Do you want to motivate your team or energise a conference. Looking for an unusual team building activity? Try team building with Music. In this video you can discover the parallels between creating music together and working as a group. If you want to encourage active listening, and cooperation then check out the best musical teambuilding site online. Great fun and suitable for groups of up to 600 people.
TRANSCRIPT: Hi – I’m Neal Fullerton from musical team-building dot com and I want to show you an unusual and effective team building activity using music. Everyone gets one of these, and the challenge is to make music together, which is a great metaphor to illustrate teamwork.
Suppose you want to talk about the importance of each person focusing on their specific job in the organisation. Just focus on your part and you’ll see that as a team we can make something pretty cool happen. You might want to show how you can use your existing resources in a different way. Red team as fast as you can – go! Yellow, green, blue and stop. I mean that doesn’t happen every day does it?
Or perhaps you want to emphasise the need to stick to a plan or a strategy. We’ve got to stick to the plan. This is the plan okay? So if you stick to it, I promise you we will will play something absolutely fantastic. Here we go! From the beginning…
A musical team-building sessions like this will get your team listening to each other, cooperating and playing their part. To find out more, click on the link now and visit the website.


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