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This is definitely a fantastic game, suitable for all the ages and fit for any content like vocabulary, story, sentences, daily talk, introduction, greetings, numbers, shapes, letters, phonics, etc.

You can play this game with or without flashcards and can easily involve all the kids at the same time, no matter what you teach.
I was playing this game for two weeks and kids still wanted to play.
There are many other variations but once you start playing this you will get other ideas.

Have all the kids standing in a line or in a semi-circle. Teachers or kids facing the wall, say the sentence structure and kids repeat or asking questions and other kids answer accordingly or you can use flashcards.
If you are playing just for fun as a warm-up or practicing sentence, then the students say “ can I sit down” The teacher kept saying “No, you can’t” but when the teacher says yes, you can. Then they all quickly sit down before the teacher turns around. If the teacher sees someone still standing, s/he will be out or will play the teaches role.

If you are going to use flashcards then many variations.
Hold one tiger/monster/ bomb flashcards with you, when you show them the cards, they say it or use it in a sentence but when they see the tiger/monster card they quickly sit down or when they see the bomb card they sit down and cover their heads.

I personally like this game very much, so productive and can recycle in many ways. and kids definitely enjoy it.

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